Good design speaks its own language: a language shaped by distinctive brands and by products with unique aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. What’s needed, from the very first idea to establishing a brand or product in the marketplace, is a great deal of dedication, courage and conviction – and the right partner. We at welcome design are fluent in this special language and we are able to communicate it with a great deal of passion, thanks to longstanding experience in strategic PR, in developing and implementing tailored communication concepts and in providing consultancy services to establish both brands and new products in the areas of design and architecture.

Strategic Public Relations.

Welcome design specialises in strategic PR in the areas of design and architecture. We offer the complete service package, comprising development and implementation of PR and marketing strategies, targeting of individual and influential journalists and opinion shapers, management and implementation of press events, looking after media representatives at trade fairs and other events, media monitoring, inclusion of modern communication channels and maintenance of online press sections.

Individual Communication Concepts.

At the core of every successful – and hence goal-directed – corporate communication is a tailored PR and communication concept where every detail has been considered carefully. In close cooperation with our clients, we develop individual and convincing communication concepts, starting with the first briefing, to researching and analysing the specific market, to defining target groups and communication goals and to planning and implementing measures.

Copy Production.

With our longstanding experience and specialist knowledge, we support our clients in concept development, in the production of catalogues or publications on design or architecture-related themes and in creating copy for marketing and press communication.



29 March 2023. Kunstmuseen Krefeld awarded ‘Museum of the year 2022’.

The Kunstmuseen Krefeld move in the field of tension between art and design, avant-garde and tradition, architecture and interior – expressed through incomparable exhibitions and presented at three venues: the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum in the city centre and the brick mansions designed by Mies van der Rohe, Haus Lange and Haus Esters in the residential area of Bockum. For more than 120 years, the art museums in the former textile city of Krefeld have acted as pioneers and written museum history with their important exhibitions.
A commitment that is now receiving a very special award: The Kunstmuseen Krefeld have been named ‘Museum of the Year 2022’ by the German section of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA).

21 March 2023. Design Studio Niruk x CORCRETE.

With curiosity and intuition, with a fine sense for detail and a great deal of patience, Nina Ruthe and David Antonin devote themselves to the subject of materiality and the development of innovative materials. This also applies to CORCRETE – a material that originated from the intention to make concrete lighter and to create a natural-looking material for interior design and architecture. Made of warm natural cork and cool concrete, this unique composite material presented the design duo with a number of challenges: finding the right production partner was one of them. With HARTIS, a passionate Belgian family business, they have found such a partner, and have implemented their first collaborative projects, such as the new headquarters of the sneakers label VEJA in New York.
The dedicated CORCRETE website provides detailed information for architects, interior designers and other interested parties and also includes the option to order samples:

08 February 2023. Bee – the new chair by Actiu.

New in – chair Bee by Actiu. An innovative seating furniture for the contract sector, ideal for the hospitality and corporate segments. Characterized by a delicate silhouette, Bee is nevertheless resistant and ensures durability. The designer of the new product is Actiu founder Vicent Berbegal himself. With his design, he wants to enable a future rethinking of spaces.
Stackable, colorful, for outdoor use. The elegance and suppleness of its shapes make Bee an aesthetic protagonist for almost any architectural context. Complementing its iconic design, the product is characterized by stability and resilience, resulting from the material combination of polypropylene with fiberglass. In the category 'Excellent Product Design' Bee currently received a 'Special Mention' of the German Design Awards.

01 February. New collection: ReForm Maze by Ege Carpets.

With ReForm Maze, Ege Carpets introduces a new collection – and takes up the success of the popular predecessor model ReForm Calico. A selected design in various attractive colors creates the basis of the collection. The creative process focused on the desire to simplify making decisions when selecting a product – especially for the office and hospitality sectors. With ReForm Maze, Ege Carpets offers a wide range of design options on a carefully chosen design and a predefined color selection that perfectly matches the current interior trends. Unlike the other collections in Ege Carpets' ReForm concept, Maze sets itself apart with its cut pile and deliberately takes a step back in design. A soft, cozy and soothing addition to any interior.

11 January 2023. Leolux and Pode present themselves at Destination: Design in Eindhoven from 22 – 24 Jan.

New inspiration. After a very successful launch in 2022, Leolux – together with Brand Friend Vandenberg, as initators – is taking Destination: Design into the new year: from 22 to 24 January 2023, professionals from the fields of interior design and architecture are invited to discover 49 international exhibitors – including Leolux and Pode – and their new collections in Eindhoven. The renowned Klokgebouw will serve as the event building. The Dutch studio Daphna Laurens is responsible for the interior concept – uniformly designed stands ensure visual coherence, the focus is on the products of the brands themselves.

10 December 2022. GRAFF introduces numerous kitchen collections, starting with Harley Kitchen.

Art of Bath: Since its foundation in the 1970s by the European Ziggy Kulig, who is still the president of the exclusive manufacturer for bathrooms and private spas, GRAFF has been about a great enthusiasm for high-quality materials, functional design and traditional craftsmanship – combined with the clear vision of rethinking the bathroom with courage and seriousness for sustainable design, creativity and precision. 50 years later, GRAFF has made a name for itself internationally as an avant-garde manufacturer of exciting and forward-looking fittings and bathroom interiors. In the coming months, the bathroom specialist will be presenting numerous collections for the kitchen area and transferring its Art of Bath philosophy into modern kitchens – into luxurious and sustainably equipped rooms. The Harley Kitchen collection will kick things off.

18 November 2022. At the heart of it: The new VARIO Office Kitchen.

A place of exchange and security, the heart of every good house party – VARIO finds: What the kitchen can do in private, it should also bring into the working world. This is precisely the idea behind the new VARIO Office Kitchen. To make this work, VARIO takes the classic office kitchen out of its niche and redesigns it as the centrepiece of a new room concept, so that it becomes a focal point for communication, standing freely in the room. The kitchen unit can be supplemented with a counter and the free rear wall can be used for a wide variety of functions. In this way, the VARIO Office Kitchen quickly becomes a think tank and provides impulses for an active working day.

31 October 2022. New Visions of Work: Ege Carpets x Orgatec 2022.

As the leading international trade fair for modern working environments, Orgatec proved its unbroken appeal last week – an adequate stage for the Danish premium manufacturer Ege Carpets and the wonderful staging of its brand and innovations in the Cologne exhibition halls. Inspired by the claim "let's weave a greener future", Ege Carpets placed a strong focus on its holistic sustainability strategy. In addition, the premium manufacturer staged the ReForm Shadowplay collection (design: Carol Appleton) at its trade fair stand designed by the Düsseldorf office Raumkontor, alongside the 56 new colours for its Eco collections – created and curated by textile designer and colour alchemist Margrethe Odgaard. Closely linked to the topic of well-being, acoustics also took a prominent place as one of Ege Carpets' heart projects – both Acoustic Rooms Modular and the add-on line Flow could be experienced at the stand.

21 September 2022. New products – the special world of Pode continues to grow.

The Pode collection is growing: no fewer than five new products from the Dutch lifestyle brand are making their debut. Rounded corners and a low, deep seat define relaxation and comfort at Nivti: the new programme by Meike Harde includes distinctive sofas and add-on elements and offers individual design freedom. A wonderful addition: Jolt table series (design: Yonoh Studio) stands for stability and lightness at the same time. Also from the pen of the Spanish design duo Yonoh is the Tresto lounge chair: the large seat shell tempts you to curl up in it, while the base, available in any colour, sets accents. Pode Art Director Claire Vos is responsible for the new home accessories: the Chillow cushion is inspired by 'puffy' quilted products from fashion, the island-shaped Shallow rug follows the trend of round, organic shapes and has a depth effect.

08 August 2022. Luxury Green – GRAFF presents Bali collection in new designs and with innovative water-saving technology.

With the Bali collection, presented for the first time in 2020, GRAFF pays homage to the unique Balinese irrigation system Subak for rice fields, which follows the Tri Hita Karana principle and thus the traditional philosophy for life on the island of Bali. The focus is on human harmony in harmony with nature. According to the Subak system, the landowners irrigate countless rice fields. Some of the rice terraces thus created are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to their uniqueness and the size of the architectural work.
Green Luxury: The Bali collection by GRAFF is a tribute to Bali's connection with the land, water and nature. In addition, Bali is a series of fittings that describes the balance between sustainability and luxury that is so important for GRAFF like hardly any other collection. The Bali collection is now available in new designs and with state-of-the-art water-saving technology.

02 August 2022. La Forma della Luce. 75 years of Panzeri.

Many years of know-how in the technology and metal sector, a spirit of discovery, a love of experimentation and a keen sense of original design were the ingredients with which Carlo Panzeri began the success story of his eponymous company - with the dream of creating light and the conviction that he would become a pioneer in the lighting sector. That was 75 years ago. Today, Panzeri, now in its third generation of family management, continues to write its thoroughly Italian history. Congratulations on a special milestone!

01 July 2022. 56 Colours by Margrethe Odgaard – a new world of colours for Ege Carpets.

Textile designer and colour alchemist Margrethe Odgaard has created 56 new colours for Ege Carpets. An extraordinary and effective colour palette with the talent to give people a feeling of security and well-being. A colourful search for poetry and humanity.
Odgaard takes a holistic sensory approach to her work with colour. She is convinced: interiors created with the intention of strengthening body and soul can have a remarkably positive effect. She wants her colours to stimulate energies and create atmosphere, to make a space a physical experience through its finely considered colour scheme. A holistic approach that premium manufacturer Ege Carpets also uses as the basis for its diverse collections - and which the two are now pursuing together in their current collaboration.




Actiu is a company specialised in the design & manufacture of office furniture for work and contract spaces, with international presence, recognised for its sustainable environmental initiatives, as well as efficient product solutions. As a leading company in Europe, with headquarters in Spain, it has a global network of collaborators and distributors which covers over 90 countries.
Cork Units_Bild_1Cork Units_Bild_2Cork Units_Bild_3

Cork – a quick-change artist in form and function. The Portuguese label Cork Units has made it its mission to bring natural cork blocks into the living space. Since 2019 and thanks to architect Mariana Alves and engineer Joana Silva, the material has found a new home in the product design of home accessories and furniture. »Natural things belong together« is the philosophy of the design brand, which integrates the unique properties of natural cork into an aesthetically driven, contemporary »slow living« lifestyle.
Studio Niruk_Bild_1Studio Niruk_Bild_2Studio Niruk_Bild_3

A passion for materials: Nina Ruthe founded Design Studio Niruk in 2011 and was joined by David Antonin in 2013. Since then, the duo has primarily focused on three-dimensional design and on experimentation, which has led to developing their own materials and product ideas, characterised by special production processes. Extraordinary light reflections, new surface textures and specific material properties are the central themes in the design studio’s »Materials Lab«.
Ege Carpets_Bild_1Ege Carpets_Bild_2Ege Carpets_Bild_3

From floor to ceiling. Ege Carpets thinks of spaces holistically – textile architecture with stylish design and innovative product solutions. For the property specialists, carpet functions as an integral part of the premises and creates structure as well as optimal acoustics. Carpet is a textile building material, characterised by haptics, design and variable functions – both in the office and hospitality sector as well as in private living spaces. Floors and textile elements with soul as part of a holistic spatial concept. Spaces are rethought, social developments are included and new approaches are processed into innovative products. For agile working, personal well-being and responsible production.
Elektromarken. Starke Partner._Bild_1Elektromarken. Starke Partner._Bild_2Elektromarken. Starke Partner._Bild_3

The Elektromarken. Starke Partner. combines the reliable competence and proven quality of the leading brand manufacturers of the German electrical industry with the aim of strengthening brand awareness and being a strong industrial partner for trade and commerce.

Since 2008, the annual Elmar industry prize recognises the best among the 17 largest manufacturers in the German electrical sector. Their combined brand power is represented in the »Elektromarken. Starke Partner« initiative. With the ELMAR award, the initiative recognises those companies who have shown distinctive brand awareness.

Art of Bath: GRAFF has been telling a European-American bathroom and love story since the 1970s. When Ziggy Kulig, who is still the president of the exclusive manufacturer for bathrooms and private spas, moved from Europe to the USA, he had the greatest enthusiasm for high-quality materials, functional design and traditional craftsmanship in his luggage – and the honest vision of rethinking the bathroom with courage and seriousness for sustainable design, creativity and precision. 50 years later, GRAFF has made a name for itself as an avant-garde manufacturer of exciting and forward-looking bathroom and kitchen fittings plus bathroom interiors internationally.
Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur_Bild_1Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur_Bild_2Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur_Bild_3

Smelling freedom and space. Tasting warmth and cold. Hearing nature and materiality. Enjoying architecture. Meeting friends and strangers. Being dreamy on your own or seeing the familiar and the new. Curiously groping for it. At Koeber, places are created that are precisely planned with passion and designed to grow freely. Urban spaces, landscapes and gardens that are committed to their surroundings. And that are in the midst of life. Every day. In every season. Unpretentious and breathtaking. Restrained and powerful. With the courage to age yet consistently beautiful.

In 1994 young jazz and design loving entrepreneurs from Friaul (Italien) founded Kristalia. For twenty years now the company manufactures products, which are made of environment-sparing materials using the newest technologies and which make the grade of exceptional and timelessly beautiful design.
Kunstmuseen Krefeld_Bild_1Kunstmuseen Krefeld_Bild_2Kunstmuseen Krefeld_Bild_3

The Kunstmuseen Krefeld have been venues for the presentation of contemporary art for 120 years. With their three locations—the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum in the center of town and the modern villas Haus Lange and Haus Esters in the Bockum residential area, the Kunstmuseen Krefeld represent an ideal forum – and fulfill a special function. They act as an interface between art and design, avant-garde and tradition, architecture and interior. A unique construction in the German cultural landscape.

Leolux is a dynamic family business with a long history and a keen vision on design and the future. Leolux has been producing all its furniture in Venlo since 1934.

It all started with an idea that was revolutionary at the time. In 1971 Magazin began to reuse products from the industrial and working world for living and everyday use. Today, Magazin sees its task in exploring the sheer infinite range of products. Magazin takes a close look, selects and creates a clear and reliable selection – fishing rod instead of trawl net, so to speak. Products with a high utility value and in best quality, high quality workmanship, made of proven or new materials form the Magazin assortment.
MD House_Bild_1MD House_Bild_2MD House_Bild_3

MD House has stood for contemporary furniture design for 40 years. A constantly growing range of modular furniture systems for living rooms and bedrooms is developed at MD House taking into account the latest living trends. A design concept inspired by essential beauty, harmonious lines and colours, high-quality wood veneers, matt and gloss varnishes as well as flawless surfaces with handcrafted details.

mimicri. Bags, fashion, and accessories. Modern and special. Everyday companions of an unmistakable design that surprise users with their look, feel, form, and materiality. Everyday companions that seem new and are enigmatic. That arouse curiosity and can only be fully grapsed upon closer inspection. Products as equipment with which to discover the special aspects of each day and to encounter something new. For at home and away. That is what mimicri stands for.

Founded in 1884 and family-owned for six generations, Mylands is Britain's oldest family-run manufacturer of paints and polishes. Based in the heart of London, the traditional company has been perfecting the art of fine and richly pigmented colours ever since, producing products of unique quality and unmistakable depth of colour. A quality that made Mylands not only the court supplier of the British royal family in its early history, but also the first choice of well-known theatres and playhouses and later international film productions. A rich heritage that inspires.

Nomad creates something unprecedented. A love brand. More than interior, more than fashion. Because Nomad wants more, can do more, is more. Products that are essential and unique, anchored in the present and yet made for eternity. A new connection, shaped by contemporary design. In the center: unique upcycling rugs. Inspired by distant places, as fascinating as the surface of gently undulating water. Selected accessories form the entourage of the Nomad collection. Creatives from all over the world shape their shape - together with founder Jutta Werner.

The lighting visionary Panzeri tells a thoroughly Italian story. With a spirit of discovery, a love of experimentation and lasting seriousness, the family-run company has dedicated itself to the manufacture of exclusive design lights. Original and functional, finely balanced and precisely manufactured lights have been produced in-house since 1947 - always with a good balance between traditional craftsmanship and pioneering innovative strength.

Pode is a true top Dutch design that is finding its way to enthusiastic customers throughout Europe. Surprising, fresh and colourful. A complete lifestyle collection that you can use to furnish the entire living room.
Richard Lampert_Bild_1Richard Lampert_Bild_2Richard Lampert_Bild_3

In 1993, Richard Lampert founded his company with the aim of industrially producing furniture and other consumer products that would merge superior craftsmanship, outstanding design and sustainability. Since then, the company has produced timeless products, ranging from classic pieces like the original Eiermann table frame or Herbert Hirche’s H57 lounge chair to modern design icons and innovative, often unconventional, designs based on the principle: »As little as possible, as much as necessary«.
VARIO BüroEinrichtungen_Bild_1VARIO BüroEinrichtungen_Bild_2VARIO BüroEinrichtungen_Bild_3

Vario BüroEinrichtungen manufactures premium office desk systems, meeting and conference tables, lockers, container, caddies and room divider systems. Vario is a medium-sized enterprise, founded in the Taunus area in 1872. Today, Vario is one of the leading and most innovative manufacturers of office furniture. All Vario products get developed and produced at the company’s base in Liederbach am Taunus. Welcome design is Vario's press office for the German-speaking markets (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).
Wood & Washi_Bild_1Wood & Washi_Bild_2Wood & Washi_Bild_3

Wood & Washi's shades and blinds translate characteristics of Japanese culture into modern and timeless products. The company from Groningen in the Netherlands focuses on materiality: Traditional Japanese papers, made from mulberry fibres, unfold a very special effect in combination with daylight. Based on Japanese sliding walls, the Shoji, Wood & Washi creates a conscious and often playful handling of its products. The result is an always individual product that crosses the border between architecture and interior design.



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Sie haben das Recht, sich mit einer datenschutzrechtlichen Beschwerde an die Aufsichtsbehörden zu wenden. Die für uns zuständige Aufsichtsbehörde: Landesbeauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit Nordrhein-Westfalen. Die Beschwerde kann unabhängig von der Zuständigkeit bei jeder Aufsichtsbehörde erhoben werden.